stampit API
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By default all the stamps name is "Stamp".
const MyStamp = stampit({})
console.log( // "Stamp"
But you can change it by passing the name property to stampit:
const MyStamp = stampit({ name: "MyFactoryFunction" })
console.log( // "MyFactoryFunction"
This metadata does not have a chaining method. This is illegal:"MyFactoryFunction").


  • This feature is not part of the compose specification.
  • Won’t work in ES5 environments (like IE11). The name will always be “Stamp”. Name of a function can be set only in >=ES6 environments.
  • This code doesn’t work in JavaScript in general: = “bla”. Because is a special protected property.
  • If any of the stamps you compose have a name then all the derived stamps will have it too.
  • The only way to clear the name (reset to the defaults) is to set the name to "Stamp".
MyStamp = MyStamp.compose({ name: "Stamp" })