Ecosystem Overview

Main modules

Find the full list here:

  • @stamp/compose - The standard compose function implementation to create stamps

  • stampit - A nice, handy API implementation of the compose standard. The original stampit module where it all began

  • @stamp/it - Same as above

Utility stamps

  • @stamp/arg-over-prop - Assign properties passed to the stamp factory

  • @stamp/collision - Detect and manipulate method collisions

  • @stamp/configure - Access configuration of your stamps anywhere

  • @stamp/eventemittable - Node.js' EventEmitter as a stamp

  • @stamp/fp-constructor - Adds the Functional Programming capabilities to your stamps

  • @stamp/init-property - Replaces properties which reference stamps with objects created from the stamps

  • @stamp/instanceof - Enables obj instanceof MyStamp in ES6 environments

  • @stamp/named - (Re)Name a stamp factory function (DEPRECATED)

  • @stamp/privatize - Protect private properties

  • @stamp/required - Insist on a method/property/staticProperty/configuration presence

  • @stamp/shortcut - Adds handy shortcuts for stamp composition. Used in @stamp/it


  • @stamp/is - Various validation functions used with stamps. Used in @stamp/it

  • @stamp/core - Core functions for creating stamps. Used in @stamp/it

  • @stamp/check-compose - Command line tool and library to test your compose function implementation

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